Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Crafts for Beltane 2012


Glorious Garlands  
“May Day is a special holiday to honor the return of spring. Guests at May Day festivities are often “wreathed” — sometimes wearing crowns of green leaves. Here’s how to make a Glorious Garland.

What You’ll Need: Leaves, Stems, Flowers

Go on a leaf hunt. Look for a bunch of the same kind of leaves with strong stems. Break off the stems, but hold on to them. Overlap the leaves and push the broken-off stems through the leaves as if they were pins to hold them together. Make a chain of leaves. When your leaf chain is long enough to fit around your head, fasten the final leaf to the first one. Add flowers by slipping their stems under the stem-pins on the top side of the leaves. (Warning! If you live in an area where poison ivy or poison oak grow, make sure you know what they look like before you go leaf hunting. They could give you a terrible rash.)

May Day Baskets
Surprise your neighbors with a May Day basket of flowers. This May Day consider making May Day baskets and giving them to neighbors and friends as gifts. Here’s how to make a May Day basket for your neighbor.

What You’ll Need: Poster board, Pencil, Ruler, Wallpaper with spring pattern, White paste, Stapler, Fresh flowers.

Draw a circle 5 inches across and a strip 10×1 inches on the poster board. Cut them out. Use the poster board circle and strip as a pattern. Lay them on the back of the wallpaper. Trace around them. You will need two wallpaper circles and two wallpaper strips for each basket. Cover one side of your poster board circle with glue, and glue a wallpaper circle to it with the pretty side up. Cover one side of your poster board strip with glue, and glue a wallpaper strip to it, pretty side up. Turn the strip over, and glue the other wallpaper strip to the other side.

Lay your circle on the table wallpaper-side-down. Center the strip, and glue it across the middle of the circle. Glue the last wallpaper circle pretty-side-up on top of the strip. Turn it over. Pull the ends of the strip together to make a handle. (The sides of your basket will curl up.) Staple the handle together at the top.”

– Excerpts from TLC Family web site

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – It’s Time for a Good Laugh

“You need a good laugh! You’ve been so serious lately that you’re feeling stressed. It’s time to lighten up and see the humor in the situation. There’s always something to laugh about. Think about it for a minute: What part of your life is like a movie? What parts are funny? Laughing with love is very healing. Sometimes the best way to heal a situation is to step away from it. Can you read a funny book or watch a comedy on TV? Can you get together with friends and tell silly jokes? It feels good to laugh hard, especially with loved ones.”

“This card asks you to see the humor within each situation, and not take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humor and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what’s happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.”

Today’s message is from Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

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