Spirit Message of the Day for Kids! – Celebrating Summer Solstice 2012

Fun Summer Solstice Activities for Kids

“Years ago it was common for kids to be outside playing everyday during the summer. However, with the invention of the television, video games, and the computer, kids are spending more and more time cooped up inside. While you may let this slide most of the time, the summer solstice (also known as “Litha” or “Midsummer”) is one day when everyone and anyone should be outside, celebrating the longest day of the year. So how exactly do you pry your kids away from their playstation for the day? Believe it or not, there are many fun activities that children of all ages will enjoy, and the summer solstice is the perfect day for them to get outside and do them, while learning about an ancient tradition at the same time.”

“There are so many ways to celebrate the summer solstice and the overall beauty of nature through art. Buy some finger paints or crayons and take your kids to the park, letting them paint and color what they see around them. Decorate your home with their drawings of trees, flowers, birds, and animals; your kids will be proud to see their creations on the walls, and it will also serve as a way of bringing nature inside as well. Another fun solstice craft is making sun masks. Purchase some construction paper, glue, popsicle sticks glitter, and scissors. Trace triangular shapes as well as one large circle on pieces of yellow and  orange construction paper.

Cut them out for your children, and have them glue the triangles around the edge of the circle. After the glue dries, cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. Let your kids decorate their mask with glitter before gluing the popsicle stick to the back. You’ll get a kick out of watching them run around with their new masks! You can also purchase play doh or modeling clay, and use it to make little sculptures of suns, trees, flowers, and other natural things.”

“What better way is there to celebrate nature than to go out and live in it for a while? Taking your kids camping is a great way to introduce them to the world around them, whether they’re three or thirteen. Let them help gather sticks for the fire, and point out different kids of birds, herbs, and animals. They’ll love wading or swimming in the lake if there is one nearby, and the campfire is a great place to tell stories about the God and Goddess and explain the origins of the solstice to them. Give them a shoe box to decorate before you leave home, and let them fill it up with all sorts of treasures that they find in the woods; acorns,flowers, leaves, etc. After your trip, talk to your kids about all of the sights and sounds they experienced; ask them what they liked best about being out in nature, or have them draw pictures of their favorite moments camping.”

“If you’re having a gathering or party for solstice, let your kids get involved by allowing them to put on a play honoring the God and Goddess. Help them make simple costumes in red/yellow/orange tones, and decorate their hair with branches or flowers. Make a stage outside by tying a clothes line between two trees. Hang bed sheets over either side to act as curtains that can open or close, and make a sign advertising their show. Your kids will love telling friends and family how much they know by acting it out for them!”

“The final and most simple way of celebrating the summer solstice with your children is just spending time outside. Let your kids soak up the sun’s energy on this day of celebration, and give them symbolic toys like disks and pinwheels to play with. Wake them up early to watch the sun rise, and let them stay up late enough to watch it set. Encourage playing sports or going for walks outside; anything goes, really. Just make sure that they aren’t spending the day inside playing video games or watching television; the summer solstice is about being outside and celebrating the sunlight!”

Excerpt from author Sarah Huth

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Be the Hummingbird


The hummingbird represents the North, the wisdom position on the native american medicine wheel.  It is the symbol of the soul.  It demonstrates its courage and wisdom in the vast migration it makes each year from the jungles of Brazil to the hills and valleys of North America.  With its tiny body and fast moving wings, it flies across the ocean traveling on the will to fulfill its ancestral destiny.

The hummingbird reminds us of our innate ability to perceive the mythic in the mundane and the magic in every day ordinary living. It asks us to connect with our authentic soul self and keep things light and fun.

If you shift your awareness to the life of the hummingbird for a moment, you can look at your life from the perspective of being the soul within. Allow your journey today to change from solving day-to-day problems, to experiencing an adventure with a zest for life.  Discover what today has to offer you instead of worrying. Trust that everything and everyone you’ll meet has a purpose on your great adventure.  When you open yourself up and be yourself, you’ll have the most fun.

Think about the adventurous things that feed your soul, things that draw you out to experience life to the fullest.  Maybe it’s drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, playing a game, sports, running free through a park or visiting the beach. Everybody is different but everyone can be themselves.  When we feed the hummingbird within us, it becomes easier to see everything in our lives as interesting lessons we can learn from.

Fly with the wings of the hummingbird, be confident, and move towards your destiny. Each day is filled with a million possibilities waiting for us to discover. Trust that each day will bring you exactly what you need to experience most. Be thankful, hold a heart full of gratitude and prepare to take the fight of the hummingbird.

– The Spiritblogger