Spirit Message of the Moment for KIDS! – The Snowdrop Fairy

WOODLAND WISDOM – The Snowdrop Fairy
“The Snowdrop Fairy loves the winter when the animals in the wild come to caress her hands as she offers advice and help in the cold. She nestles close to the animals in the burrows allowing them to warm her against the icy blasts outside, teasingly playing with their tails as they sleep until they stir and are a72508_561698447191225_738447772_nwake enough to see her smile.”

“The Snowdrop Fairy says, ‘I am here to bring you enjoyment in your life. You will recognize the fairy’s touch as I bring my hand to yours and rest my face against your own as a touch of love. Celebrate the person you are, because you are so cherished and will always be. Enjoy the power that this brings, and know that I am here with you to provide a better future. I will give you my love and cherish you for always if you will allow me to.”

“But always remember it is you who has the power of change. See in yourself the person who has not found a great need to move on and has all the fire and steely determination to do it. You are about to do great things if you feel equipped to do it. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t, for you have the ability and the joy can be yours.”

Today’s excerpt is from Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards by Frances Munro and Peter Pracownik.

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