Spirit Message of the Moment for Kids! – Do The Right Thing


“Eagle says: As you’re growing up you will be faced with a lot of choices. Some of these will be fairly easy, such as what you want for breakfast or what game you want to play with friends. Other choices will be a little more difficult, such as whether to take that piece of candy from a friend, knowing that they had taken it from 1052_481031911916936_1804366266_nanother person without their knowing it. Another choice would be when some of the kids at school are teasing a new kid, and you aren’t comfortable joining in on the teasing but you feel pressure from your friends that are part of the teasing.”

“Let’s suppose your father left a few dollar bills lying out on the kitchen table and he seems to have forgotten that they are there. Would you take them? What would be the right thing to do in any of these situations? Would it be more important to join in with your friends so they wouldn’t tease you or to stand up for the kid who’s being teased? Or take the money on the table knowing your father wouldn’t really miss it or tell him that he left it there? I’m sure you would know the right thing to do.”


“Think of a time when you were faced with these kinds of choices and made the right choice, then write or draw a story about this time. When faced w12747_486156691404458_2133257646_nith a tough decision, stop and think about what the important adults in your life would say about what choice to make. If you see somebody, even a friend, doing something wrong, especially if it may be harmful to them or to others, tell a trusted adult about it. Try your best to do the right thing in any situation, even if it is scary or others may not like you for it.”

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven D. Farmer

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