Spirit Message of the Moment for KIDS! – A Happy Heart Filled with Blessings and Love


“As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love.”

“This card signifies that you’re healing some old emotional pain – the first thing that comes to mind is exactly the issue you’re resolving. As you let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, you aw303795_522467107771067_1753756295_naken a new level of power within yourself that attracts everything you desire…and more. Call upon the fairies , as well as supportive friends and family members to help you through this time of healing” and connecting with your heart. “Know that you’re lovable and that you deserve a happy heart.”

Today’s guidance is from Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

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Spirit Message of the Moment for Kids! Plant Seeds for Your Life


Create a Symbolic Seed Planting Tradition 
Invite friends to gather and celebrate the New Year on October 31 or November 1, which in ancient times for the Celts was celebrated as thplantsinpotse New Year. (This also coincides with the Wiccan holiday of Samhain, which signals the beginning of a new turn on the Wheel of the Year.) Hand out a piece of paper to each person at the gathering and ask everyone toPlanting_A_Tree_H write down their resolution. Then take turns reading them aloud to the group to share everyone’s hopes and dreams.

During this time, the group offers their encouragement and blessings. As each person finishes reading aloud their dreams, a candle is lit for them and a toast with juice or water is given.

Pay particular attention to what you drink and toast to around Halloween, for with each glass you raise in a toast, the energy will be pomsorbetjuiceheightened. Pick a seasonal berry you enjoy. This is a time when the energy fields and the Veil between the earthly plane and the spirit worlds are wide open. This creates a rare opportunity to manifest your desires by imbuing into the liquid what you are thinking and saying as you make each toast. You truly can activate your libations with your energy, turning them into powerful potions, which you then drink and absorb into your auric fields.

Next, hand out packages of seeds along with little clay pots filled with soil and invite your guests to plant new seeds of thought this fall to manifest in the spring. Have each person write one word that describes the goal they wish to manifest on the outside of their clay pot or plastic container. A permane535462_541567085872149_15674059_nnt marker works best for this purpose.

On January 1, celebrate the conventional New Year with a toast to your dreams. They have been actively manifesting for several months now in your mental auric field and will soon be ready for action in the outer world this coming spring. Depending on the seed you planted, you might consider transplanting it into the ground come Spring or Summer for your plant to flourish. 

Excerpts from The Awakened Aura by Kala Ambrose

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Crafts for Beltane 2012


Glorious Garlands  
“May Day is a special holiday to honor the return of spring. Guests at May Day festivities are often “wreathed” — sometimes wearing crowns of green leaves. Here’s how to make a Glorious Garland.

What You’ll Need: Leaves, Stems, Flowers

Go on a leaf hunt. Look for a bunch of the same kind of leaves with strong stems. Break off the stems, but hold on to them. Overlap the leaves and push the broken-off stems through the leaves as if they were pins to hold them together. Make a chain of leaves. When your leaf chain is long enough to fit around your head, fasten the final leaf to the first one. Add flowers by slipping their stems under the stem-pins on the top side of the leaves. (Warning! If you live in an area where poison ivy or poison oak grow, make sure you know what they look like before you go leaf hunting. They could give you a terrible rash.)

May Day Baskets
Surprise your neighbors with a May Day basket of flowers. This May Day consider making May Day baskets and giving them to neighbors and friends as gifts. Here’s how to make a May Day basket for your neighbor.

What You’ll Need: Poster board, Pencil, Ruler, Wallpaper with spring pattern, White paste, Stapler, Fresh flowers.

Draw a circle 5 inches across and a strip 10×1 inches on the poster board. Cut them out. Use the poster board circle and strip as a pattern. Lay them on the back of the wallpaper. Trace around them. You will need two wallpaper circles and two wallpaper strips for each basket. Cover one side of your poster board circle with glue, and glue a wallpaper circle to it with the pretty side up. Cover one side of your poster board strip with glue, and glue a wallpaper strip to it, pretty side up. Turn the strip over, and glue the other wallpaper strip to the other side.

Lay your circle on the table wallpaper-side-down. Center the strip, and glue it across the middle of the circle. Glue the last wallpaper circle pretty-side-up on top of the strip. Turn it over. Pull the ends of the strip together to make a handle. (The sides of your basket will curl up.) Staple the handle together at the top.”

– Excerpts from TLC Family web site

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – It’s Time for a Good Laugh

“You need a good laugh! You’ve been so serious lately that you’re feeling stressed. It’s time to lighten up and see the humor in the situation. There’s always something to laugh about. Think about it for a minute: What part of your life is like a movie? What parts are funny? Laughing with love is very healing. Sometimes the best way to heal a situation is to step away from it. Can you read a funny book or watch a comedy on TV? Can you get together with friends and tell silly jokes? It feels good to laugh hard, especially with loved ones.”

“This card asks you to see the humor within each situation, and not take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humor and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what’s happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.”

Today’s message is from Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Spring is Coming – Egg Folklore

“In many cultures and society, the egg is considered the perfect magical symbol. It is, after all, representative of new life – in fact, it is the life cycle personified. While many of us take note of eggs around springtime – the Ostara season is chock full of them – it’s important to consider that eggs feature prominently in folklore and legend all year long.

In some legends, eggs – a fertility symbol – are associated with that other symbol of fertility, the rabbit. How did we get the notion that a rabbit comes around and lays colored eggs in the spring? The character of the “Easter bunny” first appeared in 16th-century German writings, which said that if well-behaved children built a nest out of their caps or bonnets, they would be rewarded with colored eggs. This legend became part of American folklore in the 18th century, when German immigrants settled in the eastern U.S.

In Persia, eggs have been painted for thousands of years as part of the spring celebration of No Ruz, which is the Zoroastrian new year. In Iran, the colored eggs are placed on the dinner table at No Ruz, and a mother eats one cooked egg for each child she has. The festival of No Ruz predates the reign of Cyrus the Great, whose rule (580-529 b.c.e.)marks the beginning of Persian history.

In early Christian cultures, consumption of the Easter egg may have marked the end of Lent. In Greek Orthodox Christianity, there is a legend that after Christ’s death on the cross, Mary Magdalene went to the emperor of Rome, and told him of Jesus’ resurrection. The emperor’s response was skeptical, hinting that such an event was just about as likely as a nearby bowl of eggs suddenly turning red. Much to the emperor’s surprise, the bowl of eggs turned red, and Mary Magdalene joyfully began preaching Christianity throughout the land.

In some Native American creation tales, the egg features prominently. Typically, this involves the cracking of a giant egg to form the universe, the earth, or even gods. In some tribes of America’s Pacific northwest region, there is a story about thunder eggs (geodes), which are thrown by the angry spirits of the high mountain ranges.

A Chinese folk tale tells of the story of the formation of the universe. Like so many things, it began as an egg. A deity named Pan Gu formed inside the egg, and then in his efforts to get out, cracked it into two halves. The upper portion became the sky and cosmos, and the lower half became the earth and sea. As Pan Gu grew bigger and more powerful, the gap between earth and sky increased, and soon they were separated forever.

Pysanka eggs are a popular item in the Ukraine. This tradition stems from a pre-Christian custom in which eggs were covered in wax and decorated in honor of the sun god Dazhboh. He was celebrated during the spring season, and eggs were magical things indeed. Once Christianity moved into the region, the tradition of pysanka held fast, only it changed so that it was associated with the story of Christ’s resurrection.

There’s an old English superstition that if you’re a girl who wants to see who your true love is, place an egg in front of your fire on a stormy night. As the rain picks up and the wind begins to howl, the man you will marry will come through the door and pick up the egg. In an Ozark version of this story, a girl boils and egg and then removes the yolk, filling the empty space with salt. At bedtime, she eats the salted egg, and then she will dream about a man bringing her a pail of water to quench her thirst. This is the man she will marry.

Another British tale was popular among sailors. It suggested that after you eat a boiled egg, you should always crush up the shells. Otherwise, evil spirits – and even witches! – could sail the seven seas in the shell cups, and sink entire fleets with their sorcery and magic.

In American folk magic, eggs appear regularly in agricultural stories. A farmer who wants to “set” his eggs under broody hens should only do so during the full moon – otherwise, most of them won’t hatch. Likewise, eggs carried around in a woman’s bonnet will provide the best pullets. Eggs placed in a man’s hat for safekeeping will all produce roosters.

Even the eggs of certain birds are special. Owls’ eggs are said to be a sure cure for alcoholism, when scrambled up and fed to someone with a drinking problem. Dirt found under a mockingbird’s egg can be used to alleviate sore throats. A hen’s egg which is too small to bother with cooking can be tossed on the roof of your house, to “appease the witches,” according to Appalachian folklore. If a woman tosses an egg shell into the fire on May Day — Beltane — and sees a spot of blood on the shell, it means her days are numbered.”

Today’s excerpt is by Patti Wiginton on About.com

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Imbolc: Midway Point Between Winter & Spring Solstice

13 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc 2012
“Regardless of what religion we grew up with, most of us have favorite memories of things we did every year for specific holidays. These traditions were what made our celebrations special. So what do you do when the holidays you celebrate now aren’t the same ones you grew up with? How do you share the joys of Imbolc with your family?

Imbolc (or Candlemas/Brigid/whatever you choose to call this celebration) falls on February 2nd and is a time to honor the quickening of the earth and the first manifestations of spring emerging from winter. This Sabbat is sacred to the goddess Brigid in particular, and is a wonderful time to acknowledge your own creativity, expand your knowledge, and practice the healing arts. Here are my suggestions to get you started developing your own family traditions!

  1. Help your kids go through all their clothes, toys, and books to find the unwanted and outgrown items. Donate everything to a charity that will give the items to children who need them.
  2. Collect canned goods from family and friends to give to a food bank. Yule isn’t the only time people are in need.
  3. Go for a walk! Search for signs of spring. Take off your shoes and socks and squish your toes in the mud.
  4. Open all the doors and windows and turn on every light in the house for a few minutes. Let the kids sweep all the old energies out the doors.
  5. Lead the family on a parade around the outside of your home, banging on pots and pans or playing musical instruments to awaken the spirits of the land.
  6. Make corn dollies and a cradle for them to sleep in.
  7. Create a sun wheel out of stalks of grain and hang it on your front door.
  8. Meditate as a family. Have everyone explore what it would feel like to be a seed deep in the earth, feeling the first stirrings of life. Lie on the floor and put out tendrils. Stretch and bloom.
  9. Have your children hold some herb seeds in their hands. Talk to the seeds. Bless them with growth and happiness. Fill them with love. Plant an in-door herb garden.
  10. Decorate candles with stickers, metallic markers, paint and anything else you can think of! Light your candles and give thanks to Brigid for her inspiration.
  11. Help your kids make a special feast! Spicy foods and dairy dishes are traditional. Try Mexican or Indian cuisine. Top it off with poppy seed cake. Drink milk or spiced cider.
  12. Set a fabulous dinner table with your candles, evergreen boughs spring flowers, dragons, sun symbols, or whatever says Imbolc to you. Use the good china.
  13. Let your children make their beds in a special way to represent Brigid’s bed. Go camp style with sleeping bags or build a makeshift canopy! Have sweet dreams…”

Today’s inspirational article is by Heather Evenstar Osterman.

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! Nature Holds Healing Energy

“Spend time outdoors, among the flowers, plants, and trees. Nature has powerful gifts that she wants to share with you, including ideas, information, and healing energy. When you are disconnected from mother earth, you may feel depressed or lethargic without knowing why. Earth, tool, feels distraught when you don’t connect with her on a regular basis. She needs you to be amidst her beauty so that she can telegraph information to you. In this way, you’ll know best how to care for your planet.”

“By drawing this card, you’re being urged to spend time daily (even as little as five minutes!) outside in nature. Remove your shoes and socks, and connect your bare feet with the soil, sod, or sand. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you’re surrounded by the magical energy of nature. Mentally ask the fairies to help you with any issues you may have. Then, open your eyes and look for their flitting light, which is the first sign that you’re seeing the fairies that surround you.”

Read the following out loud: “I love being outside in nature. I feel energized by the sunshine, fresh air, rain, plants, trees, and animals. I take excellent care of every living being, including myself.”

Today’s inspiration is from Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Send Thoughts of Love

“The power of your love can help bullies and angry people to be less afraid. People who are angry are really afraid of getting into trouble – even adults and people with important jobs. So, when you meet someone who acts like a bully, remember that this person is really just afraid. If you get angry back at the person, you’ll just add to their fear.”

“You can heal away angry with your thoughts of love. See the goodness in everybody (including yourself). Know that everyone really wants to be happy. No one likes to be a bully. No one enjoys being angry. Bullies and angry people are very lonely because their anger pushes other people away from them. So, you can help by being kind to such people.”

“You’ll also want to be kind to yourself and listen to your inner voice, which tells you how to stay safe. Call upon angels for assistance, especially Archangel Michael, or to protect you if you ever feel afraid. And love is your best protector, because your inner voice helps you to know the love that’s within every person. It will keep you strong, no matter what.”

Today’s inspiration is from an oracle deck for children titled “Magical Unicorns” by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – A Favorite Fall Craft

How To Make Dried Apple Shrunken Heads

“These little faces, made from dried apples, can look really nasty and sinister — the perfect thing to decorate a Halloween party.Here’s what you need:

whole cloves
a few grains of rice
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 teaspoons salt

Peel a large apple and coat with mixture of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of salt to prevent browning. With a potato peeler or small knife carve out eye sockets, a nose, mouth and ears. Don’t worry about carving small details as they will be lost when the apple dries. Go for the big features and nature will take care of the rest.

Use whole cloves for eyes and raw rice grains for teeth (the faces also come out looking great without these extra props, just carve and let dry if you want to keep it simple). The photo below right shows the freshly carved apples used to make the apple heads in the photo above.

Sit apples on a wire rack in a warm, dry place for about 2 weeks. You can speed the drying process a little by drying in an oven set at the lowest temperature. However, the process will still take several days.”

Excerpt taken from fabulous foods .com

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Spirit Message of the Day for KIDS! – Wish Upon a Star

“Here’s a secret to a happy life: Expect the best. That’s because life gives you what you expect.” So when you focus with positive and pure intention to create the life of your dreams, and actively move towards this you can manifest it. “It’s so much better to feel happy about your future. You can do this by looking for stars in the sky and making wishes. Trust that they’ll come true (but maybe in a different or better way than you expect). Your trust is the ‘magic’ that makes wishes happen. The more trust you have, the better.”

“Ask the universe and the unicorns to help you trust. They can help you heal from any fears so that your heart is filled only with love and happiness. Don’t worry that you may be disappointed and that your wish won’t come true. Ask for your heart’s desires – they’ll come to you at the perfect time, in the perfect way. You don’t need to know how your wishes will happen…all you need to do is make the wish. Then, your inner voice may tell you to take action to help make the wish come true. The inner voice always gives you positive words and feelings, and you must listen to it so that you can help yourself and others. Enjoy making and receiving your wishes!”

What will you choose to wish for today? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Today’s excerpt is taken from Magical Unicorns by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

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